Grow Your Business with Online Courses*

(* and other hard-working digital assets)

You’ve built your business on hard-earned experience and expertise.

You want to keep growing and reaching new clients and customers. But, there’s a bottleneck…


How can you get more growth without finding more time?

Turn what you know into valuable digital assets, like online courses, that work for you 24×7.

What is an Evolved Business?

All businesses are unique, but evolved businesses gain significant advantage from being:


Evolved businesses generate value from digital assets like blog content, email lists and digital products.


Evolved businesses put many critical workflows on autopilot by using modern tools to automate key steps.


Evolved businesses run smoothly by following proven processes across all major business areas.


Evolved businesses adjust their tactics based on their results by collecting and analysing actionable data.

Ready to build a more evolved business?

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Who is Evolved Biz?

Hello! I’m Glen Long and I’m the founder and “Chief Evolutionist” at Evolved Biz.

I’ve been helping companies do business on the internet for over 20 years.

In that time, I’ve worked with companies from large corporations to independent startups. In my last full-time role I ran operations and designed courses for a 7-figure online business.

Today I help small business owners turn their hard-earned knowledge into hard-working digital assets that create more freedom and growth.

I’d love to learn more about your business and help you clarify your evolutionary next steps.

So, are you in?

Glen Long